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Case Studies

Case Studies

Real-world success stories that showcase the transformative power of Augmented Reality for e-commerce.

Design Digital Twin & Augmented Reality Viewer

Augmented Reality for e-commerce allow customers to preview products in their own environment and on their own time, before deciding to make the purchase.

Using AR, your customers can preview products and be more likely to pick the right product the first time. Results? This can increase conversion up to 200% and minimize returns up to 35%.

Design and animation of Digital Twin & Augmented Reality Viewer

Augmented Reality for e-commerce increases engagement with your products up to 4 to 8x in comparison with traditional 2D images. You can imagine, when you have your wished product already seen in your environment, the step to the order button is amazingly low. Results? Conversion up to 200%.

Dreaver  believes in vitality as the key to a healthier life and that is why they offer products that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. For their running machines we created multiple Digital Twins including animation to experience the products they offer.

Digital Twin & Augmented Reality Viewer

In the world of selling wall decoration customers have 2 burning questions: “How does it look at home?” and “What is the best size?”.

With our Augmented Reality solutions for e-commerce it is possible to place the articles directly on the wall. Results? Higher conversion up to 200% and lower returns up to minus 35%.

To showcase the possibilities we created this portfolio item. A modern painting as a Digital Twin and loaded with our AR viewer. Try it at home!

Digital Twin & Augmented Reality Viewer

We believe in photo realistic Digital Twins and love to see the articles come alive on your dining table. We did this as a portfolio item with Caterpillar Boots. You can almost smell the taste of the honey coloured leather.

200% meer conversie

3D modellen en Augmented Reality doen mooie dingen met je conversie. Met foto realistische weergave van producten in de omgeving van jouw klanten zien we de conversie enorm stijgen.

35% minder retouren

We nemen de onzekerheid bij de klant weg. We lossen vragen op als ‘vind ik het mooi?’ en ‘past het in mijn omgeving’ zorgt voor aanzienlijk minder retouren. We zijn trots dat we hiermee impact maken op de natuur.

6-8x hogere engagement

Het is net als een proefrit in een nieuwe auto. Met 3D producten in Augmented Reality kun je producten zien, ervaren en vergelijken. Het is 6 tot 8 keer effectiever dan een normaal plaatje. Een onvergetelijke ervaring.

3D producten & Augmented Reality in E-Commerce

We maken van jouw productassortiment foto realistische 3D product visualisaties en zetten deze met Augmented Reality in de omgeving van de klant. Hiermee kun je de producten zien en vergelijken. Zonder een app te installeren kan de gebruiker in jouw website op de product pagina de 3D/AR knop indrukken om direct naar onze 3D Augmented Reality Viewer te gaan.